55 Glass - Tinted Glass

Most tinted glass is only available in 1/4" thickness, therefore it is mostly limited to use in windows but will also work as Glass Protector Tops. However, Bronze and Gray Glass is available in 1/8" to 1/2" so they can be used for glass table tops. The thicker the glass, the darker the tint.

Gray Glass
Gray glass, also known as Smoked glass, is one of the most common tints available. A light gray tinted glass blocks slightly more visible and ultraviolet light from entering. The ultraviolet light is responsible for fading material on furniture or carpets, so if this is a concern, gray glass is suitable for homes and businesses.

Bronze Glass
Bronze glass has a light brown color and is a traditional glass tint color for homes and businesses. The color blocks some solar heat and glare from entering a building. For example, bronze glass blocks about a third of visible light. The bronze color also blocks about 60 percent of ultraviolet light. Light passing through bronze glass does not significantly affect the appearance of the colored items in a room, but does give the room a slight glow. The window color complements buildings made of wood, brick and stone.

#2 Gray
#2 Gray Glass is the darkest tint we have available but it is only available in 1/4" thickness. The dark gray glass controls glare and only allows 8% of visible light through the pane, making it ideal for privacy concerns but not appropriate in rooms that need a lot of natural light. #2 Gray Glass may be considered black glass but it is still transparent.

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Price list for 1/8"-1/4" Bronze and Gray glass

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