55 Glass - Restoration Glass


"Restoration glass" is used to describe a style of glass produced to replicate both machine drawn and mouth blown antique products. It is primarily used to renovate and restore historic buildings and antique furniture. The two types of restoration glass are hand-blown glass and rolled sheet glass.

Hand-Blown Glass. This glass most accurately represents glass produced before the turn of the twentieth century because it is produced using the same techniques and materials as the original. It was mouth blown into cylinders and then flattened into sheets by hand, resulting in imperfections within the glass. This glass can be rather expensive due the skilled labor involved.

Rolled Sheet Glass. This is molten glass squeezed through two rollers to form a sheet of glass as it passes between the rollers. The glass thickness is determined by the distance between the rollers. Surface texture is determined by a texture engraved into the high temperature rollers. This method is more suitable than using hand-blown glass for applications where size and price are considerations.


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