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DIY Painted Glass Tips

Are you looking for a uniquely colored glass? It is possible to paint glass to achieve a large variety of colors. 55 Glass does not paint glass, but if you are interested in a "do it yourself" project here are some tips:

You will need:

1) An oil base spray primer in the color of your choice.
2) A small glass sample to test the color.
3) A Glass Protector Top or a Glass Table Top.

In a suitable location, paint one side of the glass sample. Spray from the middle outward trying to avoid spraying paint on the edges. Let it dry thoroughly.

After the paint has dried, inspect the color and if you are happy with the sample, decide if you want to paint a whole piece of glass. If you do, these tips should help:

Make sure the glass is clean and dry. Again, paint the glass from the middle outward to avoid spraying paint on the edges. Don't spray too heavily and it is key to avoid paint pooling or dripping. You can always add more paint, if needed, after the first coat dries.

After the first coat has dried thoroughly, turn the glass with the painted side facing down and inspect to make sure it is completely opaque. If not, you will need to apply more paint. If the paint looks good and you are 100% SURE the paint is dry, it is ready to use.

Please note:

  • If you face the glass upward towards light you may notice "lighter" areas. However that should not matter if you don't notice them where the glass will be situated and that is normally facing downward not towards a light source.
  • If you can't find the right color in a spray paint primer you may use any color water base (latex) spray paint and then apply, to the completely dried surface, a coat of oil base primer to protect the painted surface.
  • Certain colors, like white, might not look good because of the greenish tint in clear glass. Sometimes very expensive low iron glass must be used to achieve the correct color.
  • The paint must be completely dry before handling and that may take days. You can use the painted sample to test the dryness. A finger nail dragged across the surface should not damage the paint.
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