55 Glass - Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is a safety glass. It is often used when tempered glass is not an option or in combination with tempered glass, such as, for use in sky lights. Not all glass can be tempered so if that kind of glass is going to be used in a door or other hazardous location, it must be laminated to another piece of glass, usually clear glass. Laminated glass also works very well for security because the flexible interlayer bonds permanently to the glass.

1/4" Clear laminated glass is the most common. It uses a .030 PVC interlayer to bond two pieces of 1/8" glass together. The result is an invisible bond that is very difficult to penetrate.

1/4" White laminated glass is also very common. It uses a white interlayer: the result being a frosted translucent look. Both 1/4" White Lami and 1/4" Clear Lami are in stock at 55 Glass Los Angeles.

There are different colors and thicknesses of laminated glass that can be made as special orders. Bullet resistant and glass used as floors is a combination of different thicknesses of glass and interlayer.

Please remember safety glass must be used in hazardous locations.

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