Glass Shapes for Table Tops and other Applications

Describing the glass shape is critical to making a precise piece to match its intended purpose. Certain shapes can be easily described over the phone. Some, of course, are not as easy to describe. This list is helpful to visualize common shapes and verbalize them.

The most common shape for a Table Top, Glass Protector Top, or any other application, is Round, Square, and Rectangle. All of these shapes can be described over the phone. Other common shapes that can also be described are Rectangles or Squares with radius corners, Elliptical Ovals, Racetrack Ovals, Hexagons, Octagons, Triangles, and Trapezoid shapes.

Dimensions that can’t be defined mathematically also can’t be described over the phone and therefore a pattern must be supplied to ensure the glass is made to match its purpose. These shapes may include patterns with 3 or more out of square corners (except some triangles) and any shape with varying degree radii (except elliptical ovals).

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glass shapes

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