Glass Protector Tops

Glass Protector Top Handling and Installations Tips

If the glass is in a safe place, leave it where it is or place it in a safe place.

Never place glass directly on cement, asphalt, stone or metal surfaces.

Tip: for minor damage on wood surfaces, rub a little cooking oil to darken the wood. If that doesn't work, brown or black colored felt markers may help hide blemishes. 

Prepare the surface where the glass is to be installed.  Place one desk button in each corner. Use additional desk buttons on larger panels of glass.

The 1" square pads usually on custom cut glass panels are shipping pads. If possible, lay the glass down on a flat surface with the shipping pads facing down. Clean the top surface of the glass. Now wash your hands to minimize finger prints. Turn the glass over and place it on the table with the shipping pads now on the top surface. Remove the pads and clean the top surface.

Never place a hot vessel directly on glass. Always place a hot pad or towel down first.


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