Sound Proof Glass

55 Glass Los Angeles carries a unique laminated soundproof glass. Soundproof glass was designed in Europe for one reason: to keep noise out. Of course our soundproof glass will also keep noise in for sound room applications.

Soundproof glass is a laminated glass. When used correctly, regular laminated glass will do a great deal to reduce noise. In fact, in our experience one piece of laminated glass will reduce noise better than a double or even a triple pane in an insulated glass unit. The secret to our soundproof glass is the interlayer. It is thicker and designed with noise reduction in mind.

Soundproof glass or acoustical glass as it is also known, is not completely soundproof. No glass can make that claim, however, it is specifically designed for noise reduction.

For the best results it is recommended to use this as an insulated glass unit. That is two pieces of soundproof glass with an air space in between resulting in a total of up to four pieces of glass. But it could also be used with a piece of 1/4" tempered glass facing outward. This type of manufacturing effectively makes this bomb-resistant glass. The theory is that the tempered glass facing a blast will break into very small pieces which will not penetrate the laminated glass. This make-up may also be used for skylight installations. Another application is to use Solarcool glass with the soundproof glass. The reflective surface of the Solarcool glass would be facing out with the soundproof glass facing the inside. This is the best way to keep noise and heat out.

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