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To help you select the best product for your application, we should know what the glass or mirror will be used for. The most common uses for glass are:

Glass Protector Tops to protect furniture from water spots and scratches. Glass Table Tops to be used as a structural surface on top of something that is holding up the glass. We also stock 55 items of premade Glass Table Tops. Laminated glass is used to reduce noise and UV light. Patio Furniture replacements and glass used in a railing are made with safety glass such as tempered glass. Shelves and widows are also made with glass. And mirrors can be mounted on walls.

Glass Protector Tops

Glass Protector Tops are usually used to protect furniture from water spots and scratches.  They are designed to lay on top of an entirely flat surface with no overhang.

If you want to add perfect protection and make a luxurious but affordable improvement, consider adding Glass Protector Tops.  They also make great gifts for your parents or children.

The glass recommended is 1/4 clear with polished edges. The glass size ordered should be 1/16" less than the exact size of the furniture.  Please use a metal tape measure to insure accurate measurements.

Some wood furniture will have bevels or sloping near the edges.  In this case it is recommended to measure where the sloping begins, in other words, measure only the flat surface.  It will not look good to have the glass hang over the edges.

Glass Table Tops

If you have a base or have designed something to hold a piece of glass on top of it, you will need a Glass Table Top.  Glass Table Tops are designed to hang over edges and span small distances with no support.  We recommend using 1/2" glass with flat polished edges.  1/2" offers the strength you need with the good looks of thick glass for a reasonable price.

We can custom fabricate Glass Table Tops in all thicknesses up to 1".

Stock Table Tops

We carry 55 different shapes and sizes in 3/8, ½, and ¾ inch thickness of stock item Glass Table Tops. Our stock item Table Top rectangles have a 1” bevel and our round shapes come with a bevel or polished edges. Please visit our website at 55glass.com to see the prices and what we carry. Call ahead before coming down to make sure we have what you are looking for in stock.


For railing with glass, safety glass must be used. ¼, 3/8, & ½” tempered is the most common used in railing. The thickness is determined by the hardware used .

Patio Furniture

It is easy to get clear replacement glass for round and rectangular shapes used in patio furniture at reasonable prices. For other shapes though it is sometimes best to replace the whole table. We hate to say it but new furniture is often a better deal than to get a replacement glass piece. For patio furniture we use ¼ tempered glass with seamed edges. Seamed edges are inexpensive and a little rugged looking which is usually fine in outdoor patio furniture. If you need a 2” hole for the umbrella we can add that too.

Sound Proofing

If you are trying to reduce noise, laminated glass should be your first choice. 55 Glass caries a special ½” thick laminated glass with a specifically designed interlayer for reducing sound transmission.  It is mostly used in sound rooms because it is very thick. With the interlayer it is almost 9/16” thick. And to really get good STC ratings it should be used with an air space and another piece of glass. To get the best results use 2 pieces of ½” sound laminated glass with a 4-8” air space. That could give you an STC rating of over 50.

If you need a window or door and would like to reduce noise, regular ¼ laminated glass could be a good choice. Please consult a window manufacturer to see what options are available.

Laminated glass is also excellent for ultraviolet light protection. Regular clear laminated reduces UV light transmission by 92%.

Regular laminated glass should not be used outdoors unless the edges are sealed. Water can penetrate the interlayer and damage it.

In ¼ laminated we carry clear, white, bronze, and gray interlays and can custom make other thicknesses.


3/8” thick is probably the most common glass used in shelves. If a thinner shelf is desired, 1/4” tempered glass is very strong. 3/8 and ½” can also be used either tempered or annealed.


55 Glass does not supply windows or install glass used in windows. However, we can supply the glass used in a window. For the best recommendations on glass that should be used in your window application please contact a window contractor.

Wall Mirrors

Mounting mirror on a wall can be a challenge. If you are covering an entire wall, the size of the mirrors can be quite large and hard to handle. Mirrors on a bathroom wall don’t always fit correctly because of the bathroom fixtures. Additionally, safety requirements should be adhered to. We can supply mirror to your specifications but you are responsible for installing the mirror correctly.

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